Review: Severed

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Review: Severed

Post by This Old Neon » 23 Sep 2016 15:00

by Ryan McLaren and J.C. Cawley

"This Old Neon strives to publish reviews with at least two opposing voices: one largely positive or sympathetic, and the other more critical and demanding" (Review Policy). Both reviewers provide honest evaluations of the game; thus, a sympathetic review may not always be fully positive, and a critical one need not be completely negative. There will be intersections, overlaps, agreements, and divergences. It is the readers' prerogative to navigate these as they see fit. - JC

Exploring well-worn conventions is frequently a big part of the retro game developer’s toolkit. Especially for smaller studios, an established framework leaves them free to focus on the story and experience they want to present. DrinkBox Studios is no stranger to classic game design, a fact to which their Mutant Blobs series and Guacamelee! can attest. Severed continues that legacy by approaching the dungeon-crawler, a niche class of games typically so rigid in presentation as to have become stagnant. So it comes as some surprise to walk away from a new entry in a stale—if storied—genre feeling as though I’ve truly experienced something new and exciting. - "Hock and Slash" - Ryan

In general, I have trouble with touch as a control method. I don’t like swiping, which feels imprecise, as though a game knows I’ve swiped and then crudely reproduces a loosely corresponding line on the screen. I don’t like tapping, which feels finicky and inexact. Rather than facilitate my action and immersion, a touchscreen tends to feel like a barrier between me and the game. I was disappointed to hear that DrinkBox Studios’ follow-up to their brilliant, revitalizing take on the exploration platformer genre, Guacamelee!, would be touch-based. - "Golden Touch" - J.C.

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Re: Review: Severed

Post by The Shoemaker » 23 Sep 2016 15:45

Great review guys, I might just be sold on it.
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Re: Review: Severed

Post by VictorViper » 23 Sep 2016 17:29

The Shoemaker wrote:Great review guys, I might just be sold on it.
Thanks, Shoe! I suspect the Nintendo versions will handle just as well as on Vita. I feel like not having a thumb free for navigation would definitely be a minor detriment on the mobile versions.
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