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Because of the diverse nature of our coverage, it is possible (though rare) that our contributors may research, analyse, and write on companies with which they have employment histories or financial investments. These relationships must be disclosed, and the resulting articles are subject to additional editorial scrutiny to protect against bias and conflict of interest.

This Old Neon generally does not provide coverage of in-progress crowdfunding campaigns; therefore, members of our team are welcome to contribute to such projects, as this participation does not represent a vested interest any more than the purchase of goods. Although our policy does not require it, writers may elect to disclose these contributions as they see fit.


Other than incidental promotional items and press kits, we do not accept gifts, accommodations, or travel from companies that may be the subject of reviews or featured content. We may accept accommodations or travel from events as part of speaking or judging agreements, but the events themselves will seldom be the subject of coverage, and we must disclose these arrangements. We do not solicit favours or services for personal use.

Unless it is to verify facts, we generally do not show completed articles to sources or interview subjects for approval before publication.


Publishers may occasionally provide demo, early-release, and promotional copies of their products in order for us to determine their suitability for review. Acceptance and evaluation of these promotional materials does not commit us to provide coverage. If we feature or review a product that has been provided in this way, we mention it in a disclosure statement. The tenor and tone of our content is not affected by such minor operational circumstances, and our balanced, scoreless format (see our full Review Policy for details) ensures that our reviews are not impacted.


We identify our sources whenever possible. If we draw material from another publication, we provide full attribution. We may protect a source’s anonymity when there is a pressing reason and the information cannot be obtained by other means. In such cases, we explain the grounds for maintaining anonymity.

In the event that we must publish a correction, we clearly indicate that the content has been updated and explain the nature of the error and the update.